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At St Luke's Catholic College we aim to provide parents with links to relevant, sometimes provocative articles which assist us as parents to reflect on what is the most joyous, yet challenging role for us all.

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  Good sleep habits

Oddly, most of our understanding of sleep comes not from knowing what happens when we sleep but from noticing what happens when we don’t.


  Numeracy at Home

Today in the parent library we are sharing a website, rather than an article, where you will find activities, tips, and information to support young children's maths learning during everyday activities.

  Stop calling them Soft Skills

We need to call them what they really are: essential skills; skills that are absolutely necessary to thrive in the modern world.

  Social and Emotional Skills and their impact on future success

A 19-year study reveals Kindergarten students with these two skills are twice as likely to obtain a college degree.

  Screen time given too much blame for its effect on young people's mental health

Among the many perils that face young people, screen time is one that looms large, at least if mainstream media is to be believed. But a recent study has found the negative effects of digital technology may have been overstated.

  15 Questions to replace 'How was school today?'

How many times have you asked your child, “How was school today?” and been frustrated by the lack of response? As a parent, I’m guilty of asking my son this question all the time, even though I usually don’t get much in return.

  Kids who do chores are more successful adults

Want your kids to grow up to be successful? Make them do chores. When they balk (and trust me: they will probably balk), you can tell them that scientific research supports you. Reads more...

  As a parent, sometimes staying silent is the best way to show your support

Your child doesn't have to play in the Super Bowl for you to know the feeling. Their team was supposed to win and then they didn't. What do you do? Being the mother of two girls who played soccer and did athletics, I thought I knew the answer: Talk it through. Tell them you love them. Say it's just a game. Remind them there's always a next time. Read more...

  Three things you can do today to be a better digital parent

In my travels I’m frequently approached by teachers and parents with questions about parenting in an increasingly daunting digital age. It’s a tough time to parent. With that in mind, here are three things you can do immediately to increase your chances for success and decrease the likelihood your kids will find trouble online. Read more...

  How to raise your children to be entrepreneurs

There are many ways to raise your children to be entrepreneurs, and the truth is, they will learn a lot simply by watching you work. However, below are the four main ways to actively impart your entrepreneurial skill set onto your little ones. Read more...

  Sorry folks, that’s not positive parenting

Positive parenting is a popular term right now. It encompasses approaches to parenting that value connection, playfulness, and teaching over punishing. And I totally support that. But there’s also a commonly accepted subtext to positive parenting that is unfortunately built on misconceptions, and it’s making life harder for parents. Reads more...