Live the Good News

St Luke's is proud to be part of Catholic Schools Parramatta Diocese's system of 80 Catholic primary and secondary schools operating across Western Sydney and the Blue Mountains providing more than 43,500 students with a high-quality, low fee Catholic education.

St Luke's Catholic College is a community where we learn in a way that grows self awareness so that we can discover our awesome potential and embrace life to its fullest. It is a school where students develop qualities of the mind, heart and body which will enable them to function with academic excellence and care for others.

Live the Good News

St Luke's Catholic School Marsden Park students working together

At St Luke’s we nurture faith-filled, curious children to become creative contributors and innovative problem solvers for a changing world.

We ensure every child feels a sense of belonging and connection.

We encourage students to grow in their faith journey through daily prayer and reflection, and active expressions of their faith.


We honour student questions as the focus of our learning and use an inquiry approach as our main method of teaching.

We enable all students to experience stretch and challenge and provide opportunities for them to focus on their strengths.

We provide opportunities for students to contribute to a team and encourage them to play, make and construct.

We ensure each child grows in the foundational skills of literacy and numeracy, while providing real world contexts for problem solving.

Our community crest

The cross represents the hope that comes from the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

The open book of knowledge and truth reflects the 'Good News' of St Luke's Gospel.

The contrasting green and navy blue represents foundations of grass under our feet and the aspirations of reaching for the sky.

The teal can be seen as a person reading for knowledge, or as a source of Truth as reflected by Luke's Gospel.

Our community crest

St Luke's Catholic School Marsden Park crest

Our history

St Luke’s commenced in 2016 as a K-6 school with 86 students enrolled. We are a Catholic learning community establishing the ‘new normal’ for preschool to post school learning within an extended school day, 6:30am to 6pm, Monday to Friday.

Today, we have grown to over 1600 students from K-12, with 40 students in our high needs studio, Arrunga, in addition to our early learning centre and before and after school care.

In a place where Learning = Infinite Possibilities, St Luke’s provides each student with inquiry experiences which are relevant to their real world. As our students grow, so too does our school, with impressive new facilities opening as we continue to anticipate the learning needs of our community.

By providing a flexible and diverse curriculum, learning experiences will progressively be self-directed and increasingly personalised. Within a safe and secure environment, literacy, numeracy and faith formation are viewed as strong foundations to assist young people identify and solve problems.

As students grow in their understanding of self through our targeted life design program, students work with life coaches to understand their strengths, interests and motivations in order to understand how they can have an impact on the world.

St Luke's Catholic School Marsden Park students at history incursion
St Luke's Catholic School Marsden Park students working together
St Luke's Catholic School Marsden Park students donating to St Vincent de Paul
old photo of St Luke's Catholic School Marsden Park students
St Luke's Catholic School Marsden Park building being constructed
St Luke's Catholic School Marsden Park students riding camels for a nativity scene
St Luke's Catholic School Marsden Park dedicated teachers in pilgrimage in Barcelona
Our policies and procedures

St Luke's Catholic College has a number of policies and procedures that govern various aspects of our school life.

How we operate

School annual reports

Reports providing parents, carers and the wider community with information about various aspects of school performance and development.

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