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As part of a system of Catholic schools in the Diocese of Parramatta, our students are treated with dignity and respect. Their safety and wellbeing are our top priorities. The wellbeing and safety of all students is central to the purpose of Catholic education and we acknowledge that healthy relationships and exceptional pastoral care are core to each child’s positive experience at school.

Schools in the Diocese of Parramatta have a strong focus on pastoral care, and in addition the support of our school counsellor, additional resourcing is provided for wellbeing initiatives overseen by the Wellbeing Coordinator. The Wellbeing Coordinator is supported by staff on the Wellbeing and Behaviour Team, Leading Counsellors as well as K-12 System Counsellors in the implementation of these wellbeing initiatives.

St Luke's is committed to providing a learning environment where students can thrive, feel safe and supported, and are nurtured to grow, belong and be confident.

St Luke's equips students with the knowledge and skills to cultivate their wellbeing through Religious Education, health, and wellbeing classes. We believe this sense of wellbeing and connectedness promotes healthy personal development in students and contributes to their academic success.

We support the social and emotional welfare of students and their families through effective strategies, recommendations, policies and procedures, guidelines and tools. Our strong focus on pastoral care includes school counsellors and wellbeing initiatives to support students.

The wellbeing ecosystem at St Luke’s is built around a clear knowing and valuing of individual students. We foster a sense of belonging and connection, ensuring exceptional care for each student.

Our structured wellbeing programs include:

St Luke's Catholic School Marsden Park students using counters

School Wellbeing Counsellors

Counselling covers areas such as:

  • family crisis/conflict
  • grief and loss
  • mental health issues
  • relationship issues
  • self-esteem/self-confidence development
  • adolescent problems
  • anger management.
St Luke's Catholic School Marsden Park wellbeing classes

Wellbeing Classes for Years 7-8

Lessons follow the themes of 'Manage Me Monday', 'Wellbeing Wednesday' and 'Feel Good Friday'. 

St Luke's Catholic School Marsden Park students sitting in on lecture

Skodel (Online Wellbeing Platform)

This web platform provides the school with a fast, fun, and simple way to see how students are feeling. Each student is provided with a voice that is heard, to tell it how it is, revealing their state of wellbeing in real time.

St Luke's Catholic School Marsden Park students from separate grades talking to each other

Peer Companions

A structured and inclusive initiative that brings Year 8 student leaders and Year 5 students together in a supportive and empowering environment. This enables the exchange of knowledge, experiences, and emotional support to promote personal growth and wellbeing.

new St Luke's Catholic School Marsden Park students interacting with each other

New Student Connection Program

This program provides an invaluable opportunity for incoming students to gather, connect, and build meaningful relationships as they navigate their first term at St Luke’s.

St Luke's Catholic School Marsden Park students at SHINE workshop

Shine Education Program for Young Women and Girls

This multi-faceted program develops a fundamental understanding amongst students of accountability, responsibility, connection, confidence, self-love, trust, structure, respect for oneself and others, communication and the ability to make decisions in their own lives. It is aimed at empowering young women to ‘shine’ and fulfil their potential.  

St Luke's Catholic School Marsden Park campus

Open Parachute Wellbeing Learning Platform

A comprehensive initiative designed to enhance individuals' mental, emotional, and physical wellbeing through a holistic approach that includes mindfulness, resilience-building, and positive psychology techniques via a wellbeing learning platform.

St Luke's Catholic School Marsden Park students in colour houses

House System

This runs across the school and enhances the connections between year groups, giving students a genuine sense of belonging and community.

St Luke's Catholic School Marsden Park students participating in primary storytime

Primary Storytime

Each week in our adventure playground we read positive psychology books to our primary students to instil a love for reading, but also cultivate their emotional wellbeing, resilience, and positive mindset. Through sharing stories we are empowering them to navigate challenges, build healthy relationships, and flourish personally.

Pastoral care programs at each year level are designed to help build resilience, independence and courage within each student.

Building child safe communities

We are committed to providing children and young people with school environments where they are safe, informed and participate, and where the adult community works together with them towards making this happen.

How CSPD schools protect child safety





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