This week saw lots of smiling faces as students and staff lined up to have their annual school photo taken.

As parents, we all know a sense of nostalgia as we look back at our own school photos, so there is little wonder that photo day comes with a sense of excitement both for students and their parents.

Ties straightened, hair done, chin down and say ‘monkies’ (or ‘lollies’ or ‘cup of Tea’ or whatever the photographer calls us to repeat) and with a flash, that moment in time, that school year, is captured.

Recently, during our Book Week celebrations, staff shared some of their own childhood school photos. This created much conversation and a little laughter as we tried to work out who was who.


Similarly, a look back at old class photos with friends from school always sparks conversation of a ‘where are they now’ or ‘remember when’ nature.

And is it any wonder? Wonky piggytails, a couple of missing teeth, freckles or a crooked smile reminds us of just how cute we once were.

Fast forward 20, or 30, or heaven forbid 40 years down the track and you had the same picture that plays at schools across the world happening here at St Luke’s.

Students were exemplary in their behaviour and shone for the cameras. A very well done to all our students. Parents can look forward to receiving the photos early in Term 4.


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St Luke's Catholic College Marsden Park

St Luke's Catholic College Marsden Park

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