Educating for the future

The learning journey at St Luke's honours the developmental stages in a student’s life. Based on leading educational research and the best of today’s technologies, we prepare students for the future by teaching them them how to know themselves, their strengths, interests and motivations, and, with an understanding of themselves, use our 6 Pillars of Learning to:

  • witness in the way of Christ
  • relate to others
  • manage themselves
  • inquire curiously 
  • think critically 
  • create solutions.

Educating for the future

St Luke's Catholic School Marsden Park students painting

Faith-filled students leave prepared for life happiness and vocational success.

It is in Years 9 to 12 (14 to 18 year olds) that the ambitious goals of St Luke's Catholic College students are most fully realised.

Utilising the resources of the local and global community.
Through establishing relevant and meaningful partnerships, the learning potential of each student is realised. As competent and self-directed learners, students undertake various approaches including flipped learning, all of which support ‘self paced learning’ facilitated by expert teachers.

St Luke's Catholic School Marsden Park students standing at lectern

To inspire a more peaceful world, we understand that lives have more meaning through the purposeful engagement of one’s interests.

As these interests become passions, we understand the influence of each person to motivate others through exhibiting great skill, limitless imagination and unbridled creativity. Drawing on their deep understanding of ‘who I am’ developed as part of the Post School Pathways Program, each student is provided both time and space (physical and virtual) to engage with their passions and master skills to support a life of happiness, relevance and meaning.

We empower our students with the understanding that when they actively engage their passions, they acquire the ability to shape the world in a positive manner.

Learners become creative critical thinkers through personalised and accelerated programs. Learners become connected and communicate through real-life experiences. Through this learning journey they soon discover how awesome they can be.

We’ll work with your child to find out how they learn best.

Through inquiry students are immersed in the learning process, connecting their learning to the real world.

We’ll work closely with your child as they grow in responsibility for their learning.

Discover the 4 stages of learning

The School of Early Learning

The School of Foundations

The School of Leadership

The School of Entrepreneurs





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